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"Offering the next-generation
of Utility Billing Solutions that are
high value, low risk."

Products for today --- and the future.

inHANCE utility billing software has been developed to not only meet today’s technology standards, but tomorrow's as well. Our leading-edge Customer Information System takes full advantage of the latest Microsoft technology and citizen web access. This allows for customers to not only trust our functionality, but our technology partnership with the largest utility software company in North America as well.

  • No legacy code

  • Management by Exception

  • Microsoft Native Solution

  • eBilling Invoice Payment System

  • Automated Work Flow

  • Embraces the mobile revolution

  • Company with a Narrow Focus
    Company with a Narrow Focus

    Our solutions are tailored to water and sewer utilities. 100% of our R&D is spent on water and sewer functionality. This allows for high-end product functionality as well as a staff that is knowledgeable in the utilities industry. These two factors combine to result in increased customer satisfaction. We are experts so our customers don’t have to be.

    Low Risk, High Value Solution
    Low Risk, High Value Solution

    Increasing productivity while decreasing cost is an absolute financial truth. Our staff provides ease of use for end users, technology that is consistent with IT staffs plans, and give management the power to make better decisions. We enable our customers to stay ahead of the curve.

    Stable and Trustworthy Nature
    Stable and Trustworthy Nature

    With over 35 years experience in the utility industry, nobody understands the market better than inHANCE. We are trusted by hundreds of satisfied customers all across North America and beyond. By partnering with trusted companies such as Microsoft, we are able to offer the stability of those trusted companies to our target market at a fraction of the cost.

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