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With E-mail tracking, know exactly when a notice is read.

inHANCE Cloud offers the flexibility of utilizing the low cost model of the cloud, combining this new technology into an E-Billing application that is simple, and easy to use for both Billers and Customers. Integration makes billing, collection and update process easy – no bank trips, no printing and no postage. Payment information is continuously exchanged to synchronize accounting software with inHANCE Cloud. The easy to use user interface provides a varitey of KPIs that make it simple to keep track of your customers. Email tracking provides the ability to see exactly when a user clicks on a bill. All of this functionality comes with a 24/7 up-time for customers to make payments at any time of day.

  • Open for Business Year-Round
  • Automatic Payments
  • Requires Minimal Staff
  • Custom Company Branded Portal
  • E-Bill Notification Options
  • View Payments in Real-Time

Our trusted partners work with inHANCE providing the back-bone of our Cloud offerings.

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